Deal With It.

About Deal With It...

"Deal With It" is a journal currently put out by anti-sexist anarchist men in support of the struggle to end sexist oppression, deconstruct gender, overthrow patriarchy, and achieve total liberation.

"Mission Statement"

As men we have had to face the fact that we are sexist, having been socialized into sexist society. If we are serious about struggling for total liberation, we must begin the process of understanding how sexism and male domination have affected and infected us in order to unlearn and put an end to sexist behavior, attitudes, and the oppression to which these lead. As men are the recipients of male privilege and the main practitioners of male domination, we feel that men must approach and explore these issues and deal with the consequences. It has never been just a "women's issue," but a male problem because men have power over wimmin in patriarchal societies, and carry out the oppression of wimmin. Socialization into the role of dominator also hinders our own ability to attain wholeness and autonomy, be free of gender constraints, and interact with others as equal beings.

For all these reasons, we have come together as men to provide a base from which we can talk about these issues from an anti-authoritarian perspective. We hope to encourage men and wimmin alike to explore the literature, thought, and action of the feminist and wimmin's liberation movements. Further, we hope to illuminate the connections that exist between all forms of domination and oppression.

We haven't got it all figured out. This journal seeks to start conversations rather that speak at people. We know that we want to speak out, as men, against sexist oppression. We want to explore our own sexism and the paths that lead away from patriarchal civilization. We want to support wimmin. We want to support other men who deal with these issues, insecurities, and abuse. While we are starting out as a group of anarchist men dealing with these issues and experiences, and how they affect ourselves and others, we're not sure what that means. How does a men's group include transsexual, transgendered and intersexed people? Is a men only group the most effective way for men to support wimmin's liberation? Does the need exist for an anti-sexist male publication -- men speaking to men -- or is it more important to create a broader publication that includes everyone? How can we move towards a more inclusive project?

Each of us have our own answers (and more questions) to these questions. We know that we still have a lot to learn and hope that people reading this are willing to become involved. Thanks.

We aim to produce Deal With It bi-monthly. For letters, contributions, and general or pointed criticism use our submit page, or mail to:
PO Box 5841
Eugene, OR 97405

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